Soen’s new album “Tellurian” out november 3rd!

Unique illustrators of the subconscious mind ? SOEN – are back with a soothing message to all Earthlings in turmoil, haste or dire straits. The Swedish prog masters’ sophomore outing ?Tellurian? voices to us words of comfort in intricate musical colors brimming with technical prowess and strangely beautiful melodies of sorrowful serenity few, if any, other bands are able to give a sonic form to.
Sonically labyrinthine ?Tellurian? is best enjoyed with your headphones on, in a darkened room, with your eyes closed. It is definitely not just another slab of progressive metal you one minute hear and forget the next. Abstract and free of form, oddly mesmerizing and brutally beautiful, ?Tellurian? leads the immersing listener through serpentine sound scapes, rewarding the ones who take the journey with a strangely serene mindset.
Soen is not about hit songs or fodder for the masses. No Sir, these are not your radio friendly drive-through hit tunes but a means to entirely and intensely surrender to music. A breath of fresh air for the prog metal connoisseur; free-flowing ki, yin and yang in perfect equilibrium, and peace of mind put into musical form.
Soen probably aren’t for everybody’s ears but love it or leave them, their music isn’t something you can consume. It consumes you if you let it.